Upcoming Concerts Dates


Past Dates

Sa 16.07.2022 Roots and Sprouts Festival, Kulturnhalle Leipzig-Probstheida
Do 30.09.2021 Jazztage, Leipzig
07.08.2021 Jazzfestival, Glauchau
Fr 09.10.2020 Schille Theater, Leipzig (Leipjazzig)
Do 05.03.2020 Schlot, Berlin
Di 03.03.2020 Horns Erben, Leipzig
Mo 02.03.2020 C-Keller, Weimar

Uli Huebner – Saxophone

Vincent Bababoutilabo – Flute

Malte Sieberns – Piano

Paul Lapp – Double Bass

Philippos Th̦nes РDrums


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